My Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic bands are custom shaped metal bands that fit around the teeth.  Special cement is used to hold the band firmly in place until it is time to remove it. Bands are used to hold brackets (braces) and appliances (expanders, space maintainers, retainers, etc.) firmly to the teeth. Because of their strength bands are often used in situations where normally bonded brackets would break off....                           (Click here to read on)

"Bitejumpers", also known as "Forsus Springs", are a type of class II corrector. A class II bite is commonly known as an "overbite", or "overjet", and describes a bite where the upper teeth are positioned too far forward compared to the lower teeth. In many cases this makes a "bucked tooth" look, where the upper front teeth stick out. Bitejumpers are used to correct this type of bite...                                                     (Click here to read on)

Separators, or spacers, are small elastic bands that are flossed between teeth where space is needed. The most common reason for placing separators is to create space for metal bands to be placed on the tooth or teeth next to the separator. These bands fit around the teeth and may hold a bracket (braces) or be a part of another appliance, such as an expander or space maintainer. Other reasons for separators include helping an impacted, or stuck, tooth to erupt and creating space...             (Click here to read on)

Invisalign consists of a series of custom-made clear aligners, which are designed by your orthodontist and fabricated in a highly advanced facility, using the latest in 3-D scanning, proprietary software, and 3-D printing technology. 

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